Web Design Tips

Today, I been impressed how high my comment has scored on Reddit. So, I taught it would be useful to repost it, here, on my blog for future references.

First, learn how to write proper HTML without any IDE, like Dreamweaver. Or if you do, only use the code view. After that, embrace the web standards, but without becoming a fanatic. Finally, learn how to separate the structure of your web pages from their design with CSS.

In summary, to improve your website you should:

  • Rewrite it or do a heavy clean up job, without Dreamweaver’s design view.
  • Make it pass this test.
  • Fix all the links.
  • Learn how to use the <title /> tag.
  • Remove any animated GIF image and Flash applet (unless it helps to the comprehension of the content).
  • Fix the fonts. Try to use (or at least fallback to) either “web core fonts” or serif/sans-serif.
  • Replace the <font /> tags with their CSS equivalents.
  • Use tags properly (ie. only use <table /> if you really want to make a data table).


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