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The secret of Ubuntu success

Ubuntu has been my first distribution of Linux. I learned everything I know about Linux, on Ubuntu. However, there is a question that has been bothering me for a while: “Why Ubuntu is so successful?”. It took me some time to find the answer. The answer is simple, we are nice to new comers. We don’t try to prove anything to them; we just help them. (Of course, being the best distribution out there helps :) )

The slogan of Ubuntu, “Linux for Human Being”, took all its meaning when I finally understood that. We are the humans. We aren’t supposed to work for the computers. They are the ones supposed to do the work.

That brings me to the second reason of Ubuntu’s success. We are making Linux works out of the box. Users shouldn’t need to have to read a 10,000-pages manual just to use Linux. Not because I read the manuals, everyone should. Of course, we need all those friendly howtos and guides. They make Ubuntu so much more fun to use.

I think we need to continue in that direction. Sure, translucent windows are cool, but we should always remember the roots of our success.